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Top Reasons Why You Should Go For Jungle Safari in Rajasthan

Leopard sightings are a popular activity for tourists from all over the world in India. Year-round, wildlife enthusiasts travel from one wildlife reserve to the other in search of a glimpse of the magnificent and ferocious leopards in Rajasthan jungle safaris. But, if you are still not convinced, let’s dive in for the major reasons of why you should go for jungle safari in Rajasthan.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go For Jungle Safari In Rajasthan

There are multiple wildlife reserves in India, but what sets Rajasthan jungle safari apart is its exotic location; the place is even more mesmerising with dry barren lands, a colourful environment, gravel roads, as well as historical forts. This post can provide you with even more reasons to go for jungle safari in Rajasthan. Dive in!

  • Chances of sightings increase- 

As the deciduous forest of Rajasthan dries out, the chances of sighting increase dramatically. Your eyes can travel through the wide dried forest, giving you a much better chance of seeing the feline marvels even from a distance, which is not the case during the winter when the jungle is verdant green. 

When the hot and scorching sun dries up all the water sources in the forests, it becomes easier to see dwellers of the wild who are compelled to quench their thirst at some of these tiny oases that remain during the dry season of the year. The formation of many water belts in Rajasthan is the most amazing thing. No matter how hot the sun is, if you really want to see the leopards, these are the places to go.

  • The unbeatable backdrop-

Jawai Leopard Safari is undoubtedly a favourite destination for wildlife photography geeks, transporting you to a surreal world away from the city, separated in a land of dust as well as stone. The Rajasthan jungle safaris have a long history. Witnessing the magnificence of a majestic leopard against the glory of a bygone era cannot be experienced somewhere else, as many archaeological remnants can be found on its premises. In fact, the traditional heritage of jungle safaris in Rajasthan has been carried forward long back and adds a lot of weightage to the sceneric beauty of the place.

  • Alarms of Langurs-

Another intriguing benefit of visiting Rajasthan for jungle safaris is the increased alarm or distress calls radiated by langurs when they see a predator. This aids in determining where to drive for leopard sightings. And, without the advantage of covering grasses, wild can be easily spotted during the summer, as the dry as well as sparse vegetation allows for a clear view into the heart of the jungle.

  • The Sights of the rarest-

Yes, Rajasthan wildlife visits are one of the best places to see Feline Wonders. It has the highest density of wild in comparison to all the jungle safaris in the country. With the rarest of the leopards, birds and other beautiful yet ferocious creatures, Rajasthan jungle safaris are known for the exemplary flora and fauna.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go For Jungle Safari in Rajasthan - Bera Safari

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you’re wondering where to go for an eventful jungle safari experience, none other than Rajasthan jungle safaris are the options you should definitely choose. And, when deciding upon the best time to go for jungle safaris in Rajasthan, don’t let the prospect of high temperatures derail your plans. Summer, with its equivalent heat, is good time for the jungle safaris.

Just finalize the plan and rest assured of all the planning for us. Because, at Bera Safari, with a dedicated safari team, we operate multiple wildlife safari activities to make sure your safari trip is absolutely incredible. Let’s keep the adventure going!

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