Reasons Why Rajasthan’s Jawai Region Is a Must-Visit 

Reasons Why Rajasthan’s Jawai Region Is a Must Visit 

Rajasthan is full of palaces and forts however, it is also famous for its vast wilderness that appeals to nature lovers and travelers from all over the globe. Jawai is a region with large forests and rustic terrain that house big cats as well as birds. It is an absolute treasure in the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals. It is believed that the Rabari tribe, who are the inhabitants of Jawai don’t fear the majestic leopards, as they assert that their bond to them goes back many times and no reports of them the leopards causing harm or death to people. 

Jawai is an isolated area that is preserved as such to allow this peaceful living to continue for the time being. If you’re willing to go on a safari the only thing this region can offer is an exciting and exciting adventure in the midst of nature. There are plenty of possibilities waiting to be amazed. Get your bags packed and head out. 
There are plenty of other things to do for fun-filled weekends in Jawai. Some of the reasons why Rajasthan’s Jawai region is a must visit  are: 

Jawai Leopard Safari

If you’re thinking about the things to see and do at Jawai the safari with a leopard is a basic, but exciting adventure for anyone. Everybody loves seeing large cats as well as other wildlife species within this forest preserve. In this region that is remote wildlife, animals, birds and, of course, the leopards are sure to provide a thrilling jeep safari. 

The safari takes place during the morning, and in the evening. In this experience, professional safari guide like that of Bera Safari will guide you on a forest trail. Safari in the Jawai Leopard Conservation Reserve is carried out with an open jeep four-wheeler, which makes it comfortable to drive along the rugged paths of the region permitting guests to discover every inch of the region.

The Temple Tour

The village of Jawai encompasses temples rich in history and protected far from modernization for many years. Every temple in Jawai has its own history to be told. Rabari followers and followers from across the state worship in temples to pay homage to the god. The most popular Temples that are located within Jawai and surrounding areas include Adeshwar Temple, Parshuram Mahadev Temple, Nimbo Ka Nath as well as Surya Narayan Temple. 

Reasons Why Rajasthan’s Jawai Region Is a Must-Visit 

Meet with the Locals

Walking a few miles with Rabari tribesmen is the ideal way to view the beauty of India from the closest. The tribesmen are distinctly dressed in their vibrant and vibrant red turban or dhoti, as well as kurta and dhoti. When you stroll through the granite hills as well as the mustard fields, rivers, and along dusty tracks, you’ll see those of the Rabari tribes walking their herds. 

They are also known as Rawari or Desai they are tribal people living in a nomadic life with camels and cattle. When you walk through the village, you will observe mixed herds that are walking side-by-side with tribesmen. Females clad in traditional attire perform daily chores like cooking on a stove made of clay or carrying a pot of water upon their heads. Experience the lively rural Indian wilderness in the vast and diverse landscape.

A Bird Watching

A stunning bird-watcher’s paradise, Jawai appeals to twitchers with its bird species. Even though the act of bird watching is the popular activity for some, who enjoy watching birds from different species, Twitching is more intense with a bit of a fascination for the ability to identify birds. Every person experiences a rush of adrenaline each time. 

Jawai provides a fantastic bird watching experience between the months of November and March when numerous bird species from around the globe come to the area to stay winter. There are many birds of various types like the Indian Eagle-Owl Indian Robin, Shikra, Laggar Falcon, Bar-headed Goose, Flamingos, Sarus Crane, Indian Peafowl, and many more.


Jawai is an absolutely stunning region in Rajasthan that should be on everyone’s travel list. It is a unique area where humans and animals live in peace with one another. If you’re looking for an exciting safari experience, Jawai is the perfect place for you. 

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