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Planning Your Jungle Safari in Rajasthan – Tips and Recommendations for the Best Experience

Leave your worldly possessions and flashy gadgets at home and immerse yourself in the enchantment of being one with the environment and the beauty of nature. The more time that you spend in the most primitive regions of the world, the more aligned you’ll feel to your inner feelings. And when talking about the beauty of nature and wildlife in India, nothing can beat the jungle safari in Rajasthan. All you have to do is follow the cited tips and follow the jungle rules to have a better safari experience. Let’s dive in to know more about the jungle safari tips!

Planning Your Jungle Safari in Rajasthan – Tips and Recommendations for the Best Experience

The list would actually never end. But, here are some of the major tips and tricks every wildlife and jungle visiter should keep in their mind while planning for their Jungle safaris. Let’s have a quick overlook:

  • Research and planning

The finest jungle safari tips would be to conduct thorough research on the forest reserve you’re planning to visit and plan your activities accordingly. A well-planned jungle safari in India and internationally can help you experience the best safari moments while also saving money.

  • Create A Budget

From transportation to the spot to services such as a guide, safari cars (jeep, canter, eland, trek), safari timeframe, entrance fee, food, as well as accommodation, you will be necessitated to pay for a variety of items, particularly during India safari tours. So set a spending limit for yourself. At the same time, try to be flexible with your spending because costs can fluctuate.

  • Wildlife Spotting Essentials

There are some things you should think about before going on a Wildlife Safari Rajasthan tour so that you have the best chance of seeing the beast of the jungle you have travelled so far to just see. The following jungle safari tips will assist you in organising and carrying out your safari ride so that you can render the most of your tour to the jungle.

  • Learn about the park’s animals and birds so you know where to look for them on your tour.
  • During the summer, most species can be found residing near water holes, which are exposed due to the lack of vegetation at these locations.
  • Begin the safari early in the morning and finish by dusk, as most of the animals can be found outside their foster homes during this time. During the day, reptiles and alligators can be seen.
  • Stay longer at hotspots such as canals, river banks, lakes, ponds, and so on.
  • Choose an excellent guide. Safari guides are always in touch with one another, so if one of them spots the park’s highlight animal, it will be conveyed to the others, and everyone will be given a chance to see it.
  • Make use of your night vision goggles (or the zoom lens on your camera). They can assist you in identifying animals hiding in the bushes.
  • If you enjoy bird watching and photography, become acquainted with the sounds of various birds.
  • Maintain silence and stillness while observing or snapping pictures of the fauna, particularly birds.
Planning Your Jungle Safari in Rajasthan - Tips and Recommendations for the Best Experience - bera safari

Select Coordinated and Guided Safari Tours

If you’re an expert at wildlife safaris, you should go for a private tour. But you’ll never know more than the professional forest guides who devote half their lives inside the wilderness you’re visiting. They are well-versed in the who, what, when, why, and also how of every creature in that jungle, so they can get you to the right spot at the right time long before the beast arrives. All it takes for them to tell you which animal passed your path and how long ago is a quick look at that footprint!

Hence, planning for a jungle safari is necessary. But, none other than the experienced professionals can guide you better for your jungle safari in Rajasthan. And, we at Bera Safari  got your back in every small detail of the safari tour. 

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