The Jawai Leopard Safari Experience - An Insider's Look At What Makes Jawai Unique

Do’s and Don’ts of Bera Leopard Safari

Bera is an adventurer’s retreat nestled in the Aravalli ranges, 134 kilometres from Udaipur and 164 kilometres from Jodhpur, that appears to offer a tranquil as well as a beautiful backdrop to stay throughout this one of the country’s most sought-after leopard getaway vacation spots. But, making the most out of the Bera Safari requires a sense of professionalism, expertise and a lot of caution to prevent any dangerous situations. Thus, to help you with the tested and experienced tips, here are the most requested do’s and don’ts of Bera leopard safari you are planning for the upcoming vacation. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Bera Leopard Safari

Do’s of the Bera Safari

  • Bera’s unassuming wildlife will astound you. While on your safari, you might come across unique wildlife creatures that thrive in the countryside. Thus, get ready to have the adventurous camera roll when you take it back home. 
  • Explore the nearby Devgiri and Perwa temples. It’s not solely about divinity, but also about the excitement of knowing you’re following the path of leopards.
  • Stop and chat with the local Rabaris, the nomadic herders who give the area its distinct appearance and character. Learning the narratives behind their friendly smiles will provide you with a whole fresh perspective on Jawai.
  • At night, Bera comes to life. While the village is shrouded in darkness and silence, the night sky is adorned with a billion stars. Take a guided tour with a trained naturalist and also be amazed by the flourishing wildlife that roams free here. Civets, Jungle as well as Rusty Spotted Cats, a variety of night birds such as nightjars and owls can also be spotted. 
  • Respect wild animals by keeping a safe distance from them. Remember, you are in their home, and they take precedence.
  • Maintain silence throughout the safari.
  • Turn off the camera’s flash.
  • Arms and legs should be covered. Sleeveless tops and capris will not protect you from insect bites.
Do's and Don'ts of Bera Leopard Safari

Don’ts of the Bera Safari

  • Inside the park reserve, do not speak out loud or play music.
  • Do not feed food to birds or animals.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the forest. Accidental fires can quickly devastate this beautiful jungle.
  • Be aware of and considerate of the plants and wildlife in your surroundings. The wilderness is not a dump! Everything you carry with you should not be left behind, which means you must not leave trash in the wilderness! 
  • Do not get out of the vehicle.
  • Wear no perfumes or other powerful-smelling substances. The animals are sensitive to smell, which may pique their interest.

Tips for the Bera Wildlife Safari

  • To protect your face from dust, wear a mask.
  • Wear a hat or cap to keep the rays off your face.
  • Wear soft cotton clothing and avoid bright colours and prints.
  • Empty your bowels as well as bladders before embarking on the safari, or wait for the restroom break.
  • Carry a pair of binoculars. During a safari, you will most likely have to keep your distance from the animals, in which case binoculars will be the best way to observe them.
  • While on Leopard safari, it is critical to consume adequate amounts of water and stay hydrated. Make sure you have plenty of water on board.
  • During your safari outings, you must always listen to and follow all of your guide’s instructions. He is very knowledgeable about wildlife. Don’t be afraid to ask your guide questions; it will greatly enhance your safari experience!
  • If you cannot see the lion, don’t be disappointed. There are numerous other fascinating creatures that can be observed and cherished. Even the scenery is stunning.

Final Thoughts

Leopards are elusive, self-conscious, and well-hidden, and they understand human habits sufficiently to remain invisible in the dark. Thus, you can make the most out of the Jungle Safari in Rajasthan with our experienced professionals. 

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