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Best Jungle Safari In Rajasthan

Looking for the best jungle safari in Rajasthan? You’ve come to the right place! Bera is a land where ideas are rare and experiences are exceptional. Leopards have owned these caves for centuries and outlived time. In 2003, Bera was designated as a leopard conservation zone. This location exemplifies the concept of peaceful cooperation in this age of conflict, with individuals sharing space with leopards. Leopards have an otherworldly relationship with the individuals here, because Bera not experiencing any casualty even after hundreds of years of leopards, humans and other wildlife co-existing.

The place gets its name from the River Jawai, which has served as the region’s lifeline for centuries. It is a hillside of the Aravallis, one of the earliest mountain ranges. Bera is a true paradise for Rajasthan’s leopards and for the admirers of the Leopard Safari in Jawai Bandh. It is a divine experience and to delve deeper in the Bera leopard safari experience, here are a few most important things you would surely like to know about the best jungle safari in Rajasthan.

The History Of Bera – Jawai Jungle Safari

Bera has existed since the dawn of time. This distinct landscape is thought to have been formed by lava billions of years ago. When Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur created the Jawai Dam sixty years ago, the area received a permanent source of water, which later became critical in supporting the biodiversity and the ferociously gorgeous wildlife that flourishes around it. This landscape contains over 300 solitary hills, studded with temples that lean against rocky outcrops, hiding an apex predator who now has walked the loop of time.

Leopard Sights In Bera

Leopards are a popular attraction in Bera, Jawai, and you can enjoy sightings of these elusive big cats by reserving a leopard safari activity with us. Usually, the operators arrange this activity twice a day (early morning and evening) in a highly customized 4X4 vehicle, and the leopard safari takes about 2-3 hours. Jawai is surrounded by massive hills formed by lava millennia ago, and the natural caves within these lava hills (Jawai hills) have become a home for leopards. Leopard sightings are much more likely in Bera than in any other wildlife destination around the world, making a leopard safari in Bera or Jawai a must-do activity. 

Best Jungle Safari In Rajasthan - Bera Safari

Jungle Safari Aided With Jawai Dam And The Rural Life

Another incredible experience is going on a jungle safari in Bera, which you can do when you attend Jawai or Bera. This safari is arranged to see numerous wild animals. Plus the Jawai dam is a divine experience while touring for Bera.  With a depth of 62 feet (18.89 metres), this is the largest water reservoir in western Rajasthan. Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur built the Jawai dam in 1957.

After the official declaration of the Jawai Dam crocodile sanctuary in 2013, the dam has evolved into a tourist attraction. It has a spectacular sight when the dam’s overflow water flushes out through its 13 channel gates. The sun set point from the river catchment of Jawai Dam also draws visitors.

Aside from wildlife, Bera depicts the rural edge of Rajasthan in its most vibrant form. One who wishes to see legitimate Rajasthani villagers and experience their way of life, dressing, food preparation, and charming smile when visiting their home. 

How We Can Help You With Your Bera Safari?

We will make your Bera trip not only exciting but also one of the most fondly remembered experiences of your life. Our rangers as well as drivers ensure that you can see the leopards from such a close distance. They take you to the exact locations where they are hunting other animals because they are the ambush predator in this area; they prey on all other animals but are extremely friendly with humans. The cohabitation of humans and leopards in this province is exemplary and we will help you to make the maximum out of your Full Day Jawai Safari

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