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An Insider’s Guide to Bera Leopard Safari

Have you been considering a way out from the dramatic city life to the peace of jungle beauty? Explore no further than the Bera Leopard Safari. Because, whenever the phrase “the Best Leopard Safari in India” strikes your mind, there’s no parallel alternative than the Bera Leopard Safari. It is surely the first choice for all wildlife and nature enthusiasts. So, here’s this insider guide to Bera Leopard Safari to make the planning and implementing easier than before. Let’s dive in! 

An Insider’s Guide to Bera Leopard Safari

Bera is an adventurer’s favourite spot nestled in the Aravalli peaks that endows with a serene as well as attractive backdrops to holiday at and observe the leopards. It is located 134 kilometres from Udaipur. Bera in Rajasthan is now recognised as the Jawai Bandh Community Reserve, and it pertains to caves and rocks that are ideal for leopards.

Bera will undoubtedly shuttle you away from the chaos of the city. Because the forest and terrain are less travelled by people, you can enjoy numerous sightings of true nature and its inhabitants. When you come here, you should spend some time experiencing the jungle safari and marvelling at the natural order.

Climate of Bera, Rajasthan

The months of March to June are boiling hot, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees, meanwhile the months of July to September have average rainfall. From November to February, the climate is relatively cold, with temperatures dropping as low as 2 degrees in both December and January. November and February are pleasant in general, with a slight chill in the mornings and evenings. Great woollen outfits are suggested all winter, as well as cotton clothing is recommended for hot days.

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The Best Time to Observe Nature and Photograph It in Bera

In fact, there are usually no restrictions on viewing wildlife and plants at any time of year. However, there are fewer excursion opportunities during the summer months because the climate is hot. This happens because leopards prefer to stay within their refuge. 

Furthermore, the weather conditions in October, November, and February are relatively pleasant, allowing you to observe leopards for an extended period of time without incident. Because the weather is fairly cold in December and January, you can enjoy migrant birds in the waterways of the Jawai dam in addition to observing leopards.

What’s interesting is that you can go leopard watching here. The leopards in this area are friendly to individuals and have never been known to harm anyone in the area. They only attack wild animals for food; they do not attack humans. As a result, Leopard Safari in Bera, Rajasthan, is regarded as safe even for families with young children.

The entire area resembles a semi-jungle, with leopard sightings in various locations, and offers an unparalleled off-roading encounter. There is no off-season here, like there is in other jungle preserves. As a result, you can visit the location at any moment of day or night. This gives this area an advantage over others when it comes to seeing leopards and other wild creatures.

Appropriate Time to Reach the Destined Spot

Travelling from Delhi, the journey to Jawai Bandh takes approximately 7 hours without traffic. However, if you end up leaving in the middle of the night, you can arrive at the resort early the next morning and enjoy the property’s spectacular view. 

Final Thoughts

The Bera Leopard Safari is surely a MOMENT that you are going to cherish throughout your lifetime. Make sure you grab every glimpse of it through a guided safari tour. With a dedicated safari team, we operate multiple wildlife safari activities all through the Bera Safari  to make sure your safari trip is absolutely incredible.

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